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Banned Books

December 17, 2010

Is exposing children to A Brave New World too risky?  Or a great book to start a critical literacy conversation?

Usually a book is banned because the material is deemed unsuitable for children.  I guess I just find it ironic that we (as a society) ban books, but not TV programs, movies, or video games.  Sure, we rate them, but rarely do restrict them.  However, when it comes to literature that would be a great way critical piece, we often forgo them to “protect the kids.”

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  1. Victoria Hayden permalink
    December 17, 2010 8:18 pm

    Very informative and well designed web site. The article on banned books is right on. We don’t sensor what our children see in other aspects of life yet we ban things that we grew up that were fine for 50 years or more!. Our society is too overly concerned with the wrong items to ban or speak about.

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