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Student Work

If there’s one thing that students like to do, it’s talk about the things they know best: their environment, and themselves.  Utilizing a newspaper unit is one way that students can integrate part of themselves into what they are writing, while learning different conventions.  For example, this unit poses the idea of having students learn and write about careers that help others as a way to blend media and the idea of the common good.  Here are some examples:

Helping the Community

Article on community helpers.



One student in Suburban St. Louis wrote a news story about how waitresses are community helpers because they serve food to people when they are hungry.

Cover designed by a student for a news story.





This Second grade student designed a cover page for a news article she wrote on how teachers help children.  She came up with the title and caption by herself.





Some teachers (and students) take more of a direct action approach to enacting principles of common good:



Senior Kindergarten students in suburban St. Louis raised money at home by doing chores.  The money was then used to sponsor a local family in need at Christmastime.  They rose over $800!!!

One school in suburban St. Louis raised money for Heifer International, a non-profit organization that provides animals to families in developing families as a way to give them a source of sustainable food and income.


Outside of the St. Louis area:

One student in the Oakland,CA area was moved by the need of children in Ghana, and decided to Pay It Forward in his own way.


Personal work integrating both media and the concept of Pay it Forward:

A digital storybook of one girl’s attempt to win the school’s Halloween competition, while helping others along the way.

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