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Teacher Voices

Video interview of what current teachers think about integrating media into the classroom:

Second Grade Teachers

Private School, Suburban St. Louis, MO


What teachers think about integrating media into the classroom:

A lot of my students lack essential background knowledge to understand the lessons presented in class. By showing a quick video or PowerPoint presentation I can make sure we all start on a level playing field. Since I teach Social Studies and Science, it is important that my scholars see a real example of what they are learning about. I think that looking at real pictures of the Statue of Liberty on the internet and then locating it on Google Earth is much more powerful than just talking about it or reading a book. The kids love when I turn on the projector and it really grabs their attention. It is a good way to quickly invest them in part of the lesson. Lastly, the internet has a lot of great kid friendly games that we can do as a class for a quick review of concepts.

Science and Social Studies Specialist

Charter School, Chicago, IL


The importance of integrating the common good into the classroom:

First grade social studies talks about communities and the world and how to help and take care of where you live. Part of what we talk about is giving to other (wants and needs) as well as recycling, reusing and that sort of stuff. It’s great for kids this age because it helps them understand what it means to take care of and help others; a concept they can easily understand.

First Grade Teacher

Public School, Rural Northern Illinois


Our school does a special project every November/December to help others, and we have an all-school assembly to start the project.  Last year was the Heifer International Organization (  The students learned through a skit and slide show how the purchase of cows, goats, pigs, chickens, etc. helped people in poorer countries, and that it was a sustainable gift, as the livestock would continue to reproduce!  Each class decided their own goal–we were amazed at how much goats and cows cost!

Fifth Grade Teacher

Public School, Suburban St. Louis


My personal thoughts on how media can be integrated into the classroom through critical literacy:

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