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Although this topic covers a variety of content areas, I am specifically including the Missouri Standards and Goals for Elementary Social Studies Education because I feel that these are the most applicable to cross-content instruction.  I have not placed a specific timeline on this unit, as I believe that these concepts should not be bound by a specific time frame.  Instead, I feel that these can be covered throughout the year, and as necessary within your own classroom.

Using the Understanding by Design (UbD) format, I researched the Show-Me Standards (Missouri’s Education Standards) to create the overall gist of the unit.  These understandings and questions can be applicable to nearly any grade level, as are the Content Standards and Goals.  (Check the standards in your state to see how they correlate.)

Enduring Understandings:

Part of being a citizen is intertwined with the “common” good.

What is right, and what is fair/equitable, is different for everyone.

Essential Questions:

How do we ensure others are able to participate in the “common” good?

How can something be “good” for most people, but not be “good/fair/right” for all people?

Show-Me Content Standard (Social Studies):

6. Relationships of the individual and groups to institutions and cultural traditions.


1.10—Apply acquired information, ideas, and skills to different contexts, as students, workers, citizens, and consumers.

2.1—Plan and make written, oral, and visual presentations for a variety of purposes and audiences.

2.2—Review and revise communications to improve accuracy and clarity.

3.1—Identify problems and define their scope and elements.

3.2—Develop and apply strategies based on the ways others have prevented or solved problems.

4.3—Analyze the duties and responsibilities of individuals in societies.

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